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WWII Hero, Olympian Dies at 97
Thursday, July 3, 2014

photo © Sally Peterson

Haven Ministries was sad to learn about the recent passing of our friend, Louis Zamperini, at the age of 97. He was first known for being a member of the 1936 U.S. Olympic track team.

[photo © USC Sports Information]

In 1943, while serving the U.S. during WWII, his plane was shot down over the Pacific and he was captured by the Japanese military.

After surviving repeated torture as a prisoner of war, Louis suffered from nightmares brought on by post traumatic stress. His relationship with his wife and family was falling apart until he was invited to the 1949 Billy Graham crusade in Los Angeles where he became a born-again follower of Christ.

Here's sermon that changed Zamperini's Life:


He was a guest on the original Haven of Rest in 1949 before we had him back after he turned 90 and released the best selling book Unbroken. No matter what you asked Louis Zamperini, he would always give you an answer that led to Jesus.

[photo © Noel Vasquez]


Hear what he said when we met up with him at his home in Los Angeles a few years ago.


Below are the links to the full radio interview covering the life and legacy of Louis Zamporini.

Radio Interview - Unbroken Part 1

Radio Interview - Unbroken Part 2


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