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Anoint My Head with Oil

Anchor Devotional - 10.22.18

“They will come and shout for joy… they will rejoice in the bounty of the Lord— the grain, the new wine and the olive oil, the young of the flocks and herds. …They will sorrow no more.”

Jeremiah 31:12

There is reference to oil in the Bible some 200 times, from Genesis to Revelation. The oil of gladness is described in Psalm 45. Isaiah 61 mentions the oil of joy, which is to replace mourning. There is anointing oil, oil for lamps, oil poured on offerings, oil for baking bread, oil that never ran out, oil for cosmetics, and oil that indicated wealth.

The shepherd David knew the use of oil for the heads of his sheep. When summer flies or other insects came pestering the flock (irritating them most especially by nesting in their noses), the shepherd could apply an oil mixture to bring relief and chase away diseases.

Think of how Jesus, your true Shepherd, has poured His healing oil over you so that the irritations, spiritual temptations, and evils of this life do not overtake you. His promises and words to us are like the soothing, softening, palliative oil a shepherd would use. And because ultimately He was anointed to be our once-for-all offering, we have the oil of joy poured on us so that we will sorrow no more.

Scripture Focus

Jeremiah 31:10-13


Feeling rusty and worn? Fine oils have been poured upon you (see Psalm 92:10), the oil of God’s love, so that your spiritual gears can get turning again.

Read the Bible

  • Jeremiah 19-20
  • Psalm 113
  • 1 Corinthians 1-2