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For His Name’s Sake

Anchor Devotional - 10.11.18

“And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end.” Isaiah 9:6b-7a

Isaiah 9:6-7

It has been said often that God does not need to defend His name. True. But God is jealous of how His name is used on earth. Consider the beauty, the honor, and the majesty of the name God gave His Son. He receives titles of utmost honor.

God wants us all to attribute to Him the worship and esteem befitting so exalted a name. It is a truly overwhelming thought that He whose very name is Mighty God became a servant in a world of sinners, humbled Himself, and obediently faced death on a cross.

One day everyone on earth will drop down on bended knee in reverence at the mention of His great name, confessing Him as Lord of all. He saves us “for his name’s sake to make his mighty power known” (Psalm 106:8). His name won’t be cheapened by using it to swear or to call out inanely, “Oh, my God!” We sin against our Lord when we denigrate His name and when we walk in paths other than the righteous ones He has planned for us. May your daily walk with Him and the way you choose to use His name bring glory and praise to Him!

Scripture Focus

Isaiah 9:6-7


“Help us, God our Savior, for the glory of your name; deliver us and forgive our sins for your name’s sake.” (Psalm 79:9)

Read the Bible

  • Isaiah 63-64
  • Psalm 102
  • Acts 26