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Anchor Devotional - 10.31.18

“And I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.” Psalm 23:6b

Matthew 19:13-15

To conclude this month’s meditations on Psalm 23, let’s read a version of the psalm written especially for children. Jesus beckoned the little children to come to Him. Read through the psalm with the ordinary, unadorned faith of a child, and let the simple words of comfort speak deeply to you.

“God is my Shepherd. And I am his little lamb. He feeds me. He guides me. He looks after me. I have everything I need. Inside, my heart is very quiet. As quiet as lying still in soft green grass in a meadow by a little stream. Even when I walk through the dark, scary, lonely places, I won’t be afraid. Because my Shepherd knows where I am. He is here with me. He keeps me safe. He rescues me. He makes me strong and brave. He is getting wonderful things ready for me. Especially for me. Everything I ever dreamed of ! He fills my heart so full of happiness I can’t hold it all inside. Wherever I go I know God’s Never Stopping Never Giving Up Unbreaking Always and Forever Love will go, too!” (Sally Lloyd-Jones, 2007, Zonderkidz)

Scripture Focus

Matthew 19:13-15


“Forever” is a long time. There is none other but my Lord with whom I should ever desire to spend eternity!

Read the Bible

  • Jeremiah 37-38
  • Psalm 120
  • 1 Corinthians 14