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Mandatory Journey

Anchor Devotional - 10.01.18

“The LORD is my shepherd.”

Psalm 23:1

This journey of life is one we all are on. Yet in increasing numbers, people are choosing to end their lives. Suicide rates climb higher each year. On the southern coast of Japan, a sign on a high cliff reads, “Dead flowers can produce no fruit,” in order to discourage mostly young people who leap from the cliff each year. Tragically, some of the highest numbers of people taking their lives come from Southeast Asian countries. In the United States there are, on average, 123 suicides each day. It seems that life becomes simply too much to bear for many.

The surest way I know to keep going on life’s journey is to do so with a guide, a shepherd who will lead through thickets and thorns, over rocky crags and away from cliffs. That shepherd cannot be any motivational speaker, any athletic hero, or any famous movie star. They all falter along life’s journey too.

The Shepherd you want is the blameless and perfect One who was with God before all time. Even then He was watching over wayfarers on their lives’ journeys.

Scripture Focus

2 Chronicles 16:9


David knew the good Shepherd. He’s the same One who will show Himself strong toward you and your need today.

Read the Bible

  • Isaiah 45-46
  • Psalm 93
  • Acts 16