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No Comparison

Anchor Devotional - 09.18.18

“Among the gods, there is none like you, O LORD; no deeds can compare with yours.” Psalm 86:8

Psalm 86

When you get right down to it, God simply isn’t like anyone or anything. That’s one reason the Psalms use metaphors and word pictures to describe God. You can’t fully picture Him as He is in Himself. But God does reveal Himself in a simple way of speaking so that His children can understand (John Calvin said it was like “baby talk”!).

This is expressed in Psalm 86 by way of an anti-comparison. David confesses that there is no one who even begins to compare with our compassionate, amazing God. How true that is! He is unique in His non-shareable attributes like His all-knowing authority or His almighty power. But He also is unique in the things that are shared with us. We may love, but His love is divine. We may forgive, but no one can forgive like God. Who but our glorious Lord became man and died on a cross in order to save inglorious sinners like us? No one. And no one can but Him.

Let your faith rest upon the One who is like no other. Marvel at His uniqueness and unchanging ways while all else is shifting sand.

Scripture Focus

Psalm 86


In what ways is God different from false and imaginary gods? Praise God for these differences today.

Read the Bible

  • Isaiah 16-17
  • Psalm 79
  • John 20