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No Regrets

Anchor Devotional - 04.22.18

“I am not ashamed, because I know whom I have believed, and am convinced that he is able to guard what I have entrusted to him for that day. What you heard from me, keep… with faith and love in Christ Jesus.”

2 Timothy 1:12-13

However far along you are in years on this old earth, hopefully you can say, “I have no regrets.” Paul writes to his dear friend Timothy that he is not ashamed and has no regrets about how life has gone for him.

Would you be able to say that you have no regrets? Paul couldn’t be more sure and certain of the One he trusted the One of whom he was absolutely unashamed right to the end. Am I as positively sure of Jesus as Paul was? If I am rooted in Christ alone, I am. But if I think my surety comes from Christ and my good works, I am in trouble. My side of the equation will never be enough.

For each one of us, our focus blurs when we don’t keep our eyes on Him. When we begin looking around and comparing ourselves to others, our faith in God and our love for others shrink. That outlook is certain to cause regrets.

Turn your focus back onto the One who takes care of what He’s trusted you to do right to the end. When our desire is to please Jesus with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength, He takes care of the rest.

Scripture Focus

2 Timothy 1:8-13


How can there be no regrets? By acknowledging that Christ is the One working through you, and by putting all your faith in Him.

Read the Bible

  • Judges 7-8
  • Psalm 112
  • 1 Corinthians 1-2