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When Things Go Wrong

Anchor Devotional - 09.11.18

“Ephraim is my helmet, Judah my scepter. Moab is my washbasin, upon Edom I toss my sandal; over Philistia I shout in triumph.” Psalm 60:7-8

Psalm 60

For a time things were going well for King David. Peace and unity were within his kingdom. When he turned outward to secure his borders, he found success. To the west of Jerusalem, he defeated the Philistines. To the south-east he defeated the Moabites. Then he marched north and won his battles there too.

But while David’s armies were in the north, the southern kingdom was suddenly attacked by Edom. David’s defenses had been breached, and they were hit hard. He says in Psalm 60 they felt like a staggering drunk (see v. 3).

So David prays to God for help. He reminds himself that even when things seem to be caving in on earth, God’s promises are sure in heaven. The Lord is not disturbed by the schemes of men, though they go so far as to nail Him to a cross.

What is Edom to God? God does as He pleases, dividing the world as He sees fit. The warring amongst nations, the fears that overtake our world, the terrorism that threatens us… all of these situations do not phase our great and conquering King who triumphs in the end.

Scripture Focus

Psalm 60


“Our God is an awesome God/ He reigns from heaven above/With wisdom, power, and love/ Our God is an awesome God.” (Rich Mullins, 1988)

Read the Bible

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  • Psalm 72
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