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Who Do You Recognize?

Anchor Devotional - 06.11.18

“Coming to his hometown, he began teaching the people in their synagogue... And they took offense at him.”

Matthew 13:54, 57a

Two of our family friends attended a big gala celebrity event which also was attended by a new, not-yet-known sports star. Since our friends’ main interest was in meeting well-known celebrities, when this young sports figure sat down near them, they didn’t recognize him. In fact, they asked him to take a picture of them (later wishing that they had taken the picture with him!). If they had recognized him, they would have treated him differently.

By the time Jesus came back to teach in His hometown, He was well-known throughout the area. This was not a problem of recognizing who He was, but of recognizing what Jesus was. They did not expect the young man who grew up before them to be their long-awaited Savior. If they had recognized him as the Messiah, they would have responded very differently to Him.

After our friends realized what they had missed, they were disappointed. Those who fail to recognize Jesus as Savior and Lord will face more than mere disappointment. They’ll miss out on hope and joy for this life and the next.

Scripture Focus

Luke 4:14-30


RECOGNIZE who Jesus is; REALIZE what He has done for you; RECEIVE His forgiveness.

Read the Bible

  • 2 Kings 1-2
  • Proverbs 11
  • James 1