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How to Read the Bible in 90 Days

By: Charles Morris
January 4, 2016 at 12:00 am

Reading the Bible cover-to-cover in just 3 months is easier than you might think, but it is also a commitment. To help you confidently complete the Bible on Schedule, we’ve put together a video with 3 tips for you to have the best experience possible as you grow in your walk with God.


1236_Biblein90Days-600x600The Bible in 90 Days

Will you join us and take the challenge to see God’s Word in a new and refreshing way? You can purchase The Bible in 90 Days, which is a special edition of the NIV Thinline Bible with “start” and “end” markers to help you know where to begin and end each day’s reading.

But before you start reading, don’t forget to sign up for the 90-Day challenge. Once you sign up and activate the challenge, we will send you weekly emails designed to support and encourage you along the way.

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3 thoughts on “How to Read the Bible in 90 Days

  1. anamay

    I want to read the Bible in 90 there any other way to get guidance from you if i can’t afford to purchase.


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