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The Faith of Chip & Joanna Gaines

When I was a boy in Oklahoma, my father would often attempt home repair projects. Whether it was a leaky pipe or a loose floorboard, he was determined to fix it himself—and he often enlisted my help. I remember countless Saturdays spent holding tools and making long drives to the hardware store. But I can’t […]

When Storms Die Down

In a short number of days, Hurricane Harvey struck Southeast Texas, Hurricane Irma plowed through the Caribbean before finally slamming into Florida, and an 8.1 magnitude earthquake shook southern Mexico just before Hurricane Katia hit Mexico’s Gulf Coast. For many of us outside of the paths of these storms and natural disasters, the idea of a […]

Remembering 9/11: 4 Stories of Hope

On September 11, 2001, Nayanna Haley was a high school junior in deep lower Manhattan. She was only five blocks away when the second tower collapsed. As she watched the horrific events unfold, she would never forget the frantic words she heard next. A policeman was telling her and her friends, “Run, run as fast as […]

Hurricane Harvey: How You Can Help

What started out as a Category 4 hurricane has now become the biggest rainstorm in the history of the continental U.S. Homes are flooded, people are trapped, and local authorities are inundated with too many calls for rescue. To put it simply, Hurricane Harvey victims need our help. Which is why we’re partnering with Samaritan’s […]

The Story Behind Cuba’s Great Awakening

MOISES LOOKS ABOUT HIM, shivers at the overactive AC, and eventually answers the question. “Yes,” he says. “Of course I have been afraid for my life. There were many times when I was called to stand before the authorities. They would try to intimidate me, telling me on one occasion that they knew where my […]

The Little Church That Could

When the school bus pulls up to the curb at 6:31am and unloads its cargo, the sound of unbridled joy and excitement is almost loud enough to drown out the ocean. It is Easter Sunday down by the beach, and though the rising sun is hidden behind a heavy cloud, its warmth blown away by […]

How do we know the Bible is true?

Is the Bible true? Can we trust it? If you’re a Christian, these are questions that will come up at some point during your journey of faith. If you’re not a Christian, answering these questions is the first step in deciding for yourself whether Jesus is who He said He is or whether God should […]

Why You Should Preach the Gospel to Yourself

Cheer up; you’re a lot worse off than you think you are, but in Jesus you’re far more loved than you could have ever imagined. – Jack Miller   “How can God love me when I continue to sin?” “Is God angry with me?” “How can I be sure that I’m forgiven?”   Have you […]

10 Biblical Truths For Losing Fear

Whether it’s a terrorist attack or changes in the world around us, only one word can adequately describe the feeling of despair we feel when life spirals out of control—fear. It can strike at any moment. You could be at the store, at home, or on vacation. Maybe it’s hard for you to name what […]

ISIS Uses Music As a Weapon

ISIS is being defeated, yet their numbers worldwide continue to grow. And they are even using music as a way to reach sympathizers. Just in the last year, ISIS has been forced out of nearly half the territory it controlled at the peak of its campaign to establish a caliphate in the Middle East. In […]

50 Years Later: Joni Eareckson Tada’s Story

50 years ago this month, a perfectly healthy 17-year-old girl named Joni dove into the water and came back up paralyzed from the neck down. This tragic accident led to a lifetime of struggle for Joni Eareckson, but it also became something God has used to accomplish extraordinary things through her ministry to people affected by […]

4 Questions You Were Scared to Ask About Divorce and Remarriage

The Bible has a lot to say about a lot of things, but it is also silent on some matters. And it is hard to understand what it’s saying on others. Dr. David Instone-Brewer dives into one of the stickiest issues with his book, Divorce and Remarriage in the Church: Biblical Solutions for Pastoral Realities. […]