Haven Today's advertising executive at Ambassador Advertising Agency sent us this email, and it reminded us what Christmas is all about. We thought it might encourage you, too.

I recall someone observing that, in life, there are three types of people behind the wheel:  maniacs, idiots, and good drivers.

Here's how they break down: maniacs drive faster than you, idiots drive slower than you, and good drivers maintain your speed (but aren't nearly as gifted drivers as you are).

That reality came to mind in the middle of a Costco parking lot. I was making a quick run for the $1.50 dog-and-drink deal when it was confirmed: the holiday idiots and maniacs are now out in full force. And with a shortened fuse, too. Isn't it ironic that feelings of anger can be sparked at a time of the year when we're supposed to be the most unselfish and giving?

We do lose focus on the reason for the season. The task of the season overwhelms the spirit.

So I'm going to start a resolution list before Christmas. Here are a couple I'm shooting for:

  • Slow down.  I'm going to under-schedule my day and not try to cram in too much.  The theory is that if my schedule is at a relaxed pace, so will my attitude.
  • Be nice.  I'm going to suspend my need to teach others about driving on the freeway
  • Listen more.  It's likely that people don't want to hear me talk as much as I think they do.
  • And, say "Merry Christmas." Especially when someone says, "Happy Holidays." There are two times of the year that we as Christians should be boldest. If not at Easter and Christmas, then when?

I'm hoping these will help to make my season brighter.

My spirit of the holidays is also helped by listening to music and messages that point to the manger. It's amazing how powerful those familiar tunes are in changing your mood.  So my recommendation is, especially if the holiday idiots and maniacs have gotten to you, listen to the King's Chamber Orchestra's "Joy to the World" or the "The Odes Project," some of the first-ever Christian hymns.  The music is in keeping with the Christmas holidays and centered on the Great Story: It's all about Jesus.

So Merry Christmas, friend!  May the Lord Jesus be the focus of your attention these holidays.

Jim Sanders, Ambassador Advertising Agency

Joy To The World

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