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Incarnate Leadership ($6.00)

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Incarnate Leadership ($6.00)



Product Description

Bill Robinson helps Christian leaders understand how to provide effective leadership by highlighting five qualities that characterize the leadership style of Jesus. He presents convincing arguments that when leaders emulate these qualities, they will inspire and empower the people they have been called to lead.

Conversational in tone and seasoned with real-life stories from his own successes and failures as a leader, Robinson helps Christian leaders wrestle with four questions that emerge from John’s introduction of Jesus, “and the word became flesh and dwelt among us….”

* Jesus dwelt with those he led, how can I be closer to those I lead?
* Jesus disciples beheld him, how can I be more transparent with those I lead?
* The glory of Jesus was a reflection of his father, am I seeking my own glory?
* Jesus led with grace and truth, how can I lead with grace and truth?

Incarnate Leadership is indispensable reading for anyone in a position of leadership – whether in a church setting, corporation, school board, or home. Reflection and discussion questions and assessment questions make this ideal for group use.

Bill Robinson is president of Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington. He holds degrees from the University of Northern Iowa, Wheaton Graduate School, and a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh. He also studied at Moody Bible Institute and Princeton Theological Seminary. He has distinguished himself as a teacher, speaker, and community leader.

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