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"Behold I'm Coming Soon"

Behold I'm Coming Soon

Since the fall, the world has been full of violence, tragedy, and injustice. But will it always be this way? In the book of Revelation we get the answer to this question.

Behold I'm Coming SoonMay 28, 2018
Behold I'm Coming Soon| Part 2May 29, 2018
Behold I'm Coming Soon| Part 3May 30, 2018
Behold I'm Coming Soon| Part 4May 31, 2018
Behold I'm Coming Soon| Part 5June 1, 2018



The Revelation

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Karen felt called by God to memorize the book of Revelation and was struck with the idea of dramatically reciting it for others with a cinematic musical score and sound effects to help tell the story. This presentation, recorded in the famous Abbey Road Studios with the world-renowned London Symphony Orchestra, is truly unforgettable as you begin to hear the words of Revelation come to life.


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