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Devotions with Spurgeon

Devotions with Spurgeon

Over 150 years later, Charles Spurgeon’s writings are still being read by millions of people around the world.  What is it about his teachings that appeal to so many?  Learn more about Spurgeon’s infectious love for Jesus when you listen to today’s program.

Devotions with SpurgeonOctober 15, 2018
Devotions with Spurgeon| Part 2October 16, 2018
Devotions with Spurgeon| Part 3October 17, 2018
Devotions with Spurgeon| Part 4October 18, 2018
Devotions with Spurgeon| Part 5October 19, 2018



Morning & Evening

For over one hundred years, Christians have used Charles Spurgeon's Morning and Evening as a companion to their daily devotions.

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Most Christians appreciate Spurgeon, but most don’t seem to know much about his life beyond the fact that he was a preacher in London. Through the Eyes of Spurgeon masterfully navigates the life of a man with many struggles—from recurring depression to debilitating gout—who the Lord used mightily to reach millions for Christ.



Spurgeon on Depression

Have you ever struggled with sadness, grief, or depression? You're not alone. In fact, some of the greatest preachers and theologians throughout history have struggled with the same issues. Charles ...

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Through the Eyes of Spurgeon

The ministry of Charles Haddon Spurgeon has changed the lives of millions of Christians around the world. But how much do those of us who hold him in such high esteem really know about Charles Spurge ...

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10 Things to Love About Charles Spurgeon

When the sermons of other men are covered with dust, Spurgeon’s will still be read—and preached! — Warren W. Wiersbe

Charles H. Spurgeon, “the prin ...

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