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Greek to Me

Greek to Me| Part 1

Tune into the program this week to hear from New Testament scholars on how the Bible is carefully translated from Greek to English.

Part 1: Dr. Mark Strauss joins Charles Morris to discuss how we can be confident that our English Bible translations represent the original word of God.

Part 2: Did you know a simple two letter word can change the meaning of a Bible verse? For example, the difference between the phrases “faith in Christ” and “faith of Christ” is greater than you might think.

Part 3: There is one big lie that underlies all other lies in the world, and it’s the same one that led humanity into ruin. What is it and how do we overcome it?

Part 4: What is the difference between having faith and being faithful? Just a few letters can make a big difference when translating the Bible from Greek to English.

Greek to Me| Part 1May 28, 2019
Greek to Me| Part 2May 29, 2019
Greek to Me| Part 3May 30, 2019
Greek to Me| Part 4May 31, 2019



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