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Shine the Light in Cuba

Shine the Light in Cuba

The Word of God has the power to renew hearts and that is exactly what Haven’s Spanish radio program is accomplishing in Cuba today. Learn more about how El Faro de Redención’s Gospel message is helping to transform the country when you listen to today’s program.

Shine the Light in CubaOctober 22, 2018
Shine the Light in Cuba| Part 2October 23, 2018
Shine the Light in Cuba| Part 3October 24, 2018
Shine the Light in Cuba| Part 4October 25, 2018
Shine the Light in Cuba| Part 5October 26, 2018



Cuba Broadcast

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Learn more about Haven Today’s new Spanish language broadcast that’s sharing the Great Story that’s All About Jesus to Cuba and beyond!

Note: For English subtitles, please click “cc” in the lower righthand corner of the video after you press play.


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