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The Scarlet Thread

The Scarlet Thread

From Genesis to Revelation, God has revealed His plan of redemption for His people. Even in a time when women were not valued, God chose to weave them into His great rescue plan.

The Scarlet ThreadSeptember 4, 2018
Bathsheba & TamarSeptember 5, 2018
The Scarlet Thread: RuthSeptember 6, 2018
The Scarlet Thread: MarySeptember 7, 2018



Hidden In My Heart Bundle (Vol. 1 & 2)

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Originally created to help children know Scripture and get a peaceful night’s sleep, the Scripture lullaby series Hidden in My Heart has found a much larger audience. From senior citizens facing illness to young children having trouble falling asleep, this music allows God to minister to people in a uniquely gentle way that is both peaceful and powerful.


Scripture Lullabies: An Interview with Jay Stocker

Daily, we hear the headlines of war around the world and political turmoil, which only amplifies the challenges we face in our jobs and daily family life. For many of us, this produces a ...

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7 Abundant Promises from Psalm 23

Psalm 23 may be one of the most famous passages in Scripture. You’ll often hear it recited in funerals and sometimes at weddings. You might even hear it used in your favorite TV show o ...

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